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Wellington SEO Agency Service

Wellington SEO Agency – 4 Ways To Improve Your SEO At Minimal Cost


Wellington SEO agencyOne of the best things about SEO is that it does not cost anything. All you need is patience and time and you will be able to optimize your site for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on without spending a lot.


In this article, we are going to talk about ways in which you can use a Wellington SEO agency without spending a lot of money. So, without further ado, here are some tips on how to ensure that SEO does not cost you anything:


  1. Create a web page on your website

It is a good idea to create a web page on your site where you will be posting your content. Add new content to your site on a regular basis so that search engines so that search engines will index your site and make your site rank highly in search engine rankings. Use phrases and keywords related to your niche in your articles and web content to increase your rankings.


  1. Create a blog

Create your own blog and post on it on a regular basis using phrases and keywords related to your niche. Just sign up for your own blog and start blogging right away. Ensure that your blog has a link to your website. Blogging and posting new content on a regular basis will make search engines crawl your blog. And the best part is that this doesn’t cost anything. All you need is time to blog and that is it.


  1. Have a link building strategy

Having a link building strategy is very important as it will enable you to build many links to other related websites. And the good news is that it is free of charge. All you have to do is to look for webmasters that you would like to exchange links with. You can create one-way links by forum participation, article submissions and so on.

  1. Be patient

When it comes to SEO, patience pays. So, be patient and always ensure that you follow these SEO steps. Keep in mind that your site won’t rank highly in search engines within a day. It will take time.


Always work hard at blogging, exchanging links and writing articles to improve your website’s search engine ranking. Patience is something you should if you want to succeed in optimising your website in the best way possible. A good can help.


GIG Internet Marketing is a Wellington SEO agency with over ten years experience ranking sites all around the world. See how this Wellington SEO agency can help you.

Wellington SEO agency

Wellington SEO agency – 4 Major Reasons Why One Of The Best SEO Tools Are Articles


Wellington SEO agencyThere are numerous strategies and tools that can be used for improving your search engine rankings and driving traffic to your site. Here a Wellington SEO agency, gives some tips.


Out of all of the various search optimisation (SEO) strategies that are available, one of the best strategies is still to write and submit articles.  In this article, we at this Wellington SEO agency, will be outlining some of the main reasons why one of the most powerful and effective SEO tools is articles.


  1. Article writing produces very powerful SEO effects since it enables you to use numerous keywords and phrases that are related to your niche. You can use your most important keywords in your articles. That way the articles that you distribute will have your keywords in them and the search engines will pick them up when people type in the keywords while doing searches online, and your website will be displayed.  You will be able to achieve high search engine rankings for all of your important keywords by writing and distributing articles online.


  1. Article writing provides long-term SEO results. All of the articles you distributed are archived and stored on the directories that published them.  That means that anyone can read your articles and they will continue driving traffic to your site.  Unlike other traffic-driving tools, articles provide long-term results.


  1. Many backlinks are created by articles for your website, and that helps to improve the rank and popularity of your website and drives high amounts of traffic ultimately to your site. If the articles that you write are of high-quality, then many e-zines and websites will publish your articles, which increases the number of backlinks to your site. When you have a lot of backlinks that point back to your site, it helps to improve your site’s search engine positions.


  1. Articles are a very affordable type of SEO tool. It is not expensive to write and submit articles.  You can either write the articles yourself or hire a ghostwriter to write them for you.  The articles can either be manually submitted or there is software that you can use to submit your articles automatically to numerous directories.  In general, using articles to increase your search engine rankings is something most people can afford to do and it is not expensive.


The best strategy to improve your website’s search engines rankings is clearly to write and submit articles.  If you would like to be successful with your SEO, then it is essential to write and submit as many articles as you can.


Wellington SEO agency GIG Internet Marketing

Auckland Commercial Water Filter Replacement

Commercial Water Filters – The Importance Of Regular Maintenance And Replacement

Water is very important in our life, we cannot live without it. We need water for our health, cleanliness, and many other activities. For this reason, the quality of water should be checked and maintained through proper filtration equipment. Commercial organisations that rely on water, especially those in the hospitality, healthcare, and public-oriented businesses should really install good quality commercial water filters. In addition, they should ensure that they work efficiently for longer by carrying out regular maintenance, and even replacement of commercial water filters.

A commercial water filter is quite similar to a regular domestic water filter, except for the extra capacity of the business filtration systems. The capacity of the system must be sufficient to produce the amount of filtered water that is required by that particular enterprise, and that should have been assessed prior to the installation of the filtration system. A good filter should be reasonably priced as well as being easy to maintain.

Commercial institutions and operators are strongly advised to ensure the filters are operating reliably, and this can be achieved by regularly checking that they are not blocked by debris and particles. After all, the business will want their filters to be used for extensive periods without breaking down, or decreasing in efficiency since this will lead to increased operating costs. Breakdowns could lead to loss of productivity, or even health related problems.

Commercial water filter replacementOne of the common reasons to install a commercial water filtration system is that clean water can help extend the life expectancy of equipment and machines that use water. This can be achieved by preventing the build-up of scale, therefore reducing downtime, and maintenance costs. Do not forget that most of these systems have a reliable filter, with ways to clear the filter. It could either be through backwash, or other means. Regular filter cleaning will keep it working more efficiently.

When a filter is not changed and scale is allowed to build-up, the formation of algae may occur, which will make the water unsafe for use, or for human consumption. Other forms of build-up can be in the form of corrosion, which leads to equipment damage. It is possible to install timers in the water filter systems that will automatically flush the filters, or have the systems to monitor differential pressure, which indicate the need flushing, cleaning, or replacement.

It is recommended for businesses that use commercial water filters to have scheduled filter cleaning or replacement services. This will ensure longevity of the main equipment as well as the filtering system. Regular changes of filters coupled with filter maintenance and servicing will ensure clean water is being fed and flowing freely, which will prevent pipes and other components from getting blocked as well.

Remember, commercial filter systems have been designed to handles large quantities of water. The capacity can be as high as a million gallons per day. A good water filter system should have the ability to remove chlorine, chemicals, and any other contaminant in the water.

Filter systems can have cartridges, or beds of filtering materials that require regular flushes. For larger filtration systems, the cartridges can be placed at regular intervals throughout the whole operating system to ensure the capacity of filtration is not impeded. In other words, the more filters you have of, the more clean and efficient the system is likely to be. This means that productivity will be maintained, and operating costs will be lower.

Commercial water filtersBusiness owners are advised to monitor the quality of water regularly to ensure the system is working efficiently, and in healthcare, or hospitality operations, that the water remains pure so as not to cause illness or harm to patients or customers. In other words, it is wise to regularly service, maintain, and replace water filters to maintain the required levels of both water quality, and quantity.

For advice on servicing your commercial water filter in west Auckland or commercial water filter replacement on the North Shore, click here or contact Heron Plumbing.

Auckland Rug Cleaning Companies

Why Auckland Rug Cleaning Companies Are Better Than DIY

Cleaning your rugs is something that everyone needs to do at some point.  There are 2 options available for this and they are to hire a professional rug cleaning company or clean the rug yourself.  While many people assume that cleaning their rugs themselves will be better, there are a number of reasons why hiring one of the Auckland rug cleaning companies is better.

Saving Time

Auckland rug cleaning companiesMany people assume that cleaning their rugs themselves will save them time, but this is not actually true.  You will have to hire a DIY rug cleaner and learn how to use it.  This will take time and you might have to go over your rugs a number of times.  This is something that you will not have to worry about with professional rug cleaning companies.

Any of the professional Auckland rug cleaning companies will know how to use their machinery.  This means that they will be able to clean and sanitize your rugs much faster than you will be able to.

Saving Effort

A lot of people assume that you can simply hire a rug cleaning machine like Rug Doctor and get started.  This is not actually true because you will need to find a store that rents out these machines and then find the right cleanser.  The type of rug that you have will impact the cleaning products that you need to use.  If you use the incorrect cleaner on your rugs you could damage them and this could result in you needing to replace them.

When you hire a rug cleaning service, they will know which cleaner to use for your rug.  They will also be able to determine the fibre count of your rugs and which machine settings are needed.  Rug cleaning companies will generally have insurance that covers your expenses if they cause damage to your rugs while they are cleaning them.

You Will Save Money By Using One Of The Auckland Rug Cleaning Companies

rug cleaning auckland

Rework of other rug cleaning company’s poor job

The primary reason why people look at cleaning their rugs on their own is the costs.  These people assume that professional rug cleaning companies will cost more than hiring a rug cleaner.  This is not actually always the case and you need to consider this.  As the rug cleaning market is competitive, you should be able to find a cleaner which is within your budget.

Of course, you need to be careful when looking to save money with a rug cleaning company.  The cheapest companies will not always be the right one because they are cheap for a reason.  For example, one company, Go Green Carpet Cleaning, had to be called in to re-do the work of another rug cleaner who had done a poor job. The picture to the right shows the difference in quality.

Most rug cleaning companies will charge per room and you should get quotes from a number of companies before you make any decisions.  Once you have the estimates you will see that many of the companies will be cheaper than trying to clean the rugs yourself.

There are many reasons why rug cleaning companies are better than trying to clean your rugs yourself.  A professional company will know how to use their machinery and what cleaners they should be using.  They will also have the insurance to cover any damage done to your rugs.

Auckland business lawyer

How An Auckland Lawyer Can Help You When You Buy A Business

Buying a business in Auckland can be a technical and complicated process.  This is why it is recommended that you hire an Auckland business lawyer to help you with the purchase.  The lawyer will be able to carry out due diligence which is the process of checking all aspects of the business and sale to ensure that you are making a wise decision in purchasing the business.

Checking The Confidentiality Agreement

When you buy a business, you are generally asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.  This agreement will stop you from disclosing confidential information during the sale negotiations.  It is important that you have a lawyer read through the agreement before you sign it.  Many people have found that confidentiality agreements have unfair provisions and this is something that your lawyer will be able to protect you from.

Checking The Business Environment

Auckland business lawyersWhen completing due diligence, it is important that you consider the business environment that you will be operating in.  A lawyer will be able to easily complete this check as they will generally have access to information that you do not.  Some of the points that the lawyer will check will include the business competitors, the growth of the market, the growth of the business and the regulations that the business will be subject to.

While it is possible to complete all of these checks yourself, a good Auckland business lawyer will be able to do this easily.  They will also be able to access industry associations, government departments and statistics that you cannot.  Lawyers that specialize in business purchases will often have much of this information on hand to help with the due diligence.

Understanding Why The Business Is Being Sold

When completing due diligence yourself you may consider asking the seller why the business is being sold.  However, this is not always the best option because the seller is unlikely to provide a full and frank explanation for the sale.  A lawyer will be able to look for further reasons than the ones that the seller will provide.

The lawyer will be able to determine if the business is being sold because it has been badly managed or run down.  In these cases, this could be a good opportunity for you as the buyer.  Your lawyer may also determine that the business is being sold because of an increase in competition which would not be a good opportunity for you.

Checking The Business For Legal Issues

One of the aspects of due diligence that lawyers excel at is the identification of any legal issues.  A lawyer will contact the Auckland council to determine if the developmental approval for the business matches what the seller has stated.  The lawyer will also be able to determine if there are any government regulations that the business will need to comply with.  If there are regulations then the lawyer can determine if the business has adhered to them and all the licenses have been obtained correctly.

For legal advice in buying a business in Auckland, contact McVeagh Fleming and Co. Their website is

Renovations For Auckland Villas

Solid Ideas For Renovations For Auckland Villas

If you are the owner of an older home, you may be attracted to all of its charm, yet there may be some things that you are missing. While it may seem like a crime to do renovations to an older house to make it more modern, there are some things that should definitely be done. Here are several ideas for larger renovations for Auckland villas if you want to make your older home better than ever.

Add A Bathroom

This is a change that many people are realising is one of the most important projects you can undertake. People these days are always looking for additional bathrooms, so this will make it very appealing if you ever intend to sell it. While adding a small powder room can up the value of your home, you should consider separate shower and bath areas, double vanities and heated floors. These are modern bathroom amenities that are becoming the norm, so making these changes will help you keep up-to-date.  They will almost certainly add value to your older home too.

Open Floor Plans

While having a closed floorplan is great for people who are not big on entertaining, those who do like to have guests around would definitely appreciate something with a bit more open space. There are ways to remove certain walls in every home without making it structurally unsound. This is a big job since it may require moving beams and that type of thing, but it is definitely worth it since it will give you the openness you desire and a plenty more floor space.

New Wiring

Many people say that older homes were built better than any of those today, and this may be partially true, but when it comes to electricity this is not the case at all. Older wiring is a nuisance since it can lead to lighting issues and the inability to use certain types of bulbs. Furthermore, old wiring can be a major fire hazard. In fact it is one of the most common causes of house fires. However, this is an extremely expensive job to do and is one for the professionals, but it can make you feel more secure knowing that you and your family are safe from potential fire hazards.

Landscaping Ideas

This is one of the most important parts of renovating your home since it is the first thing that people will see as they approach it. There is no law that says you have to do anything to modernise the outside of your home, but it would be a great idea if you have one of the oldest homes in your neighbourhood.

Adding a water or stone feature is a great way to enhance the look of your outdoor space. The best part about this is that you do not have to add anything that you feel will ruin the look and feel of your home. For example, you can install an antique fountain instead of one that was made in the past few years. This will give your home a great look without taking away the classic factor.

Adding an Extra Bedroom During Your Villa Renovation

Auckland villa renovationsWhen you undertake some of these ideas you are going to have disruption to your home and life for a while so why not have all the work done in one go. Families often find they run out of bedroom space as children grow older. When they were ten and under children like to share but as they approach their teens, the idea of sharing a bedroom with a sibling is less appealing. So having an extension built to add an extra bedroom is can alleviate that domestic tension.

Builders for Renovating Auckland Villas

Now that you have all of these great ideas to work with, it is time to figure out what you want to do with your home. It may seem a bit intimidating to make drastic changes. In fact for some of them it is necessary to find renovation builder for older homes as you will be working with the supporting structure of the house. Unless you are highly skilled and have the correct equipment then this is very risky. The problem is finding a reliable building company in Auckland.

If you choose a reputable builder for renovations for Auckland villas you will be more than satisfied with the result once the work is planned and done.

Carpet in NZ Rest Homes

Innovative Interior Design For Rest Homes in NZ Using Carpet


Long-term care facilities are working hard to raise their image from one of dismal places where older people go to die. Today’s NZ rest-home and long-term care facilities are bright and cheery, designed to enhance the quality of life of its residents. The innovative use of carpet in NZ rest homes is a significant contribution to that brighter image.


Carpet for rest homes

Carpet for rest homes

One of the most popular designs used in today’s rest homes in NZ are new carpet designs. New, modern carpet and interior designs are using carpeting in more interesting ways. Gone is the “basement recreation room” image of industrial or rest-home carpet of the past. Today’s carpets are colourful and fun, providing a wide variety of flooring options.


Still, not all carpets work in a long-term care facility. It is best not to use a busy or wild pattern, but to stick with consistent, soothing colours in even, perhaps repeating patterns. Modern carpeting brings several benefits to aged-care and long-term care facilities:


  1. They are warmer and more welcoming. Linoleum or wood floors can seem cold and uninviting. Carpet provides a feeling of home, creating a pleasant and warm environment.
  2. They are quieter than linoleum or wood flooring. Carpet absorb the many noises of a long-term care facility, including moving carts, beeping alarms, and footsteps. Older residents may have varied sleeping patterns, so a quieter environment is important to those who may be sleeping at various times.


  1. Carpets allow for innovative designs. Many long-term care facilities have special units for residents with health or mental issues. Using carpet patterns allows a facility to design flooring options that work well in these areas. For example, in a skilled care unit for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, carpet of different colours or patterns are easily laid to help these individuals remember where they are.



  1. Carpets allow for much better traction as older residents move around a long-term care facility. It can be easy to slip and fall on a linoleum or wood floor, but with carpeting, residents feel more secure on their feet. Carpet fibres also trap any spills or other moisture which also helps reduce slips or falls.
  2. Carpets today are easier to maintain and clean. They typically require regular vacuuming and occasional cleaning to stay in good shape. They can be easily steam cleaned to remove odours or bad spills, including blood, betadine, or other stains likely to occur in a long-term care facility.   Alternatively you can install carpets that have been treated to repel odours and staining. Medituft carpet from Carlisle is one example and has treatments to combat both odour retention and to


  1. While carpets in NZ rest-homes are often considered bad for air quality, the opposite is actually true as long as they are cleaned on a regular basis. As with any fabric material, the pile will trap dirt and debris, but as long as they are cleaned and vacuumed regularly, they pose no more of a threat to air quality than linoleum or wood floors.   In fact, some carpets are treated to trap dust and dirt particles, effectively keeping them from becoming airborne. This helps to improve indoor air quality in rest-home facilities.


Using carpet provides a wealth of benefits for rest-home facility interior design. Quieter, safer, and easier to clean, carpet in NZ rest homes is an integral part of innovative long-term care facility interior design.


If you are looking for a supplier of carpets for rest-homes, Carlisle is one of the leading companies in New Zealand. They are based in Auckland but operate all over the country.

Carpet Tiles – Perfect Flooring Solution For Schools

Carpet Tiles, The Perfect Flooring Solution For Homes And Schools Alike

Carpet tiles are becoming more and more popular among schools in New Zealand. They have numerous advantages over the traditional wall-to-wall carpet therefore school managers and trust boards are choosing them more often when renovating their school buildings. Here are the main advantages of school carpet tiles as a modern type of flooring:

School Boy And Teacher

Paul Gooddy

1. Convenience

Big carpets were cool and they still are. Their biggest problem is the fact that they are difficult to clean, especially if they get stained. Rubbing them hard may destroy the fibre. Using a lot of water may prevent them from drying fast, which can result in the rapid development of mould. Using harsh detergents is bad for the environment and professional cleaning solutions are expensive.

By using carpet tiles, all you need to do in case of accidental spills is to remove the dirty tile and apply a new one in its place. This is a 10 minute job which doesn’t call for any special skills or tools. All you need is a tile of carpet and some adhesive.

2. Insulation

Carpet tiles provide good insulation in a number of ways. First, they are warmer than any other type of floor covering such as ceramic tiles, vinyl or wood. This is especially the case especially in the cold season.


Secondly, the provide insulation from the pressure of the hard floor underneath. This means that children and teachers feel more comfortable when walking on the floor.

Third, they also provide sound insulation. Children can go around the school buildings and nobody would hear anything. In case of hardwood, ceramic or vinyl flooring they would make a lot of noise when walking.

3. Creative designs

School corridor carpet tiles NZIf you think it’s time for a renovation in your school, you can consider replacing your carpets with carpet tiles. You can apply some creativity to for example, having a competition among the students to design a new layout pattern for the tiles. They can use different colours, patterns or textures. The result can be awesome, so let your students use their imagination and change the look of your school rooms.

4. Flexibility

Since the main advantage of carpet tiles is that they are easy to replace in case of spills, you need to consider ordering a few extra tiles. You need to have spare ones to replace if ever anything gets ruined. It’s best to buy them in the beginning rather than having to hunt down a matching carpet tile when you have an emergency situation.

You may need to replace certain tiles not only because they get stained, but also because of normal wear. However, you do not need to completely throw out used tiles. For example, the area at the entrance door is more prone to heavy wear and tear therefore those tiles may start to look bad long before the rest of the floor will. But it is easy to extend the life of your carpet tiles by switching those two or three tiles and placing them in less heavily used spots. This way your flooring will look better for longer.

5. Easy maintenance

School carpet tiles are easy to clean and to preserve their appearance. Regular cleaning equipment works fine on them and spot cleaning is a good plan for accidental spillages. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should never clean your carpets. It’s good to use professional cleaning services once or twice a year in order to clean and disinfect the floors. However, you won’t have to go through a lot of hassle each time a student drops their sandwich or his orange juice on the floor.

6. Widely available

Carpet tiles are available in many stores and commercial carpet tile distributors. However it can be a dividend to look for speciality school carpet tiles in NZ as these can treatments for extra cleaning or stain resistance.

Carlisle Carpets has a dedicated school carpet section so try them for new school carpet tiles in your buildings. Carpet tiles are a beautiful and modern solution of enjoying cleanliness and hygiene without compromising on comfort or quality.

Using Carpet Tiles In New Zealand Aged Care Facilities

Using Carpet Tiles In New Zealand Aged Care Facilities

Carpet tiles are a practical and attractive choice for any number of decorating venues. One of these that may not have come to mind is the use of carpet tiles in aged care facilities or nursing homes. They are easy to install, even by a do-it-yourselfer. They create a warm and attractive atmosphere in any place in which they are used. They are also a practical choice for the budget conscious facility manager.

Carpet tiles aged care New ZealandCarpet Tiles Are Easy to Install

An aged care facility is a good candidate for this type of flooring. It is the perfect choice, especially for the public areas such as a lobby or guest area. They are attractive and easy to install. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer you might consider hiring a handyman to do the job for you, whether in your home or a business office. In the case of the aged care facility mentioned above, the public areas get more wear and tear. There is often spillage as well, as residents and guests often enjoy refreshments and drinks while they are visiting. Coffee stains and soft, sugary drinks are not uncommon.

The carpet tiles are treated for stain resistance, but in high traffic areas that may not be enough. This is where these carpet squares really prove their worth! If the stain is too bad and won’t clean up, it is a simple matter to remove a square or two and replace them with new ones. In fact, when purchasing your carpet tiles, allow for replacement squares as a certain amount of spillage is inevitable in such a facility. If regular carpeting was used, you can imagine the cost as the whole carpet would likely have to be replaced! So carpet tiles are clearly a very practical and smart choice for such a facility.

Creative Decorating with Carpet Tiles

Another reason carpet tiles are a good choice in aged care facilities is they allow you to utilize your creative flair. They look great laid perpendicular to each other, thus creating a zig-zag pattern. If you really want something unique, however, you can use a utility knife to cut the tiles into geometric shapes that can be joined together to create a modern and interesting look with a lot of eye appeal. When you purchase your tiles you may want to choose several complementing colors to give a room a little more pop.

Whatever room or location you choose can be enhanced by the creative use of carpet tiles. It begins with a pattern laid out on paper in a collage of colors and shapes – square, triangles and everything in between. Blend the colors and shapes to go with the colors of the walls and ceiling.

Reception carpet tilesCarpet Tiles Are Cost Effective As Well As Being An Attractive Choice

Choose the right style and size of carpet tile for the room in which it will be used. It’s good to keep a few extras as replacement tiles. But when compared to the cost of wall to wall carpeting, carpet tiles are indeed a cost effective choice. In an aged care facility, creating a warm and cheerful atmosphere is especially important to make these older residents feel at home and comfortable. The decor should be designed to enhance the warmth of the room with colors that are known to elevate the mood.


Carpet tiles for aged care facilities are easy to maintain. They don’t have a thick pile that requires a vacuum with powerful suction for deep cleaning. They vacuum up nicely and require little in the way of fuss and bother. Most spills can be cleaned up simply with a little water and detergent as the tiles are already treated for stain resistance.

Carpet Tiles Are Better Health-wise As Well

These versatile tiles are also the best choice for health reasons. Food spills can cause a build-up of bacteria which can be a threat to one’s health. With a removable carpet square, it is easy to lift and wash up any food spills and then put it back in place. They are also environmentally friendly.

For the administration office in the care home, carpet tiles make it easier to lay wiring for computers and other equipment while also offering easy replacement as well. There are several choices including self-adhesive, interlocking and dry-backed. They are a great choice to insulate office noise, especially in high-traffic areas.

So whether it is for your home, office or a commercial location such as an aged care facility, carpet tiles offer you an amazing number of options and are aesthetically pleasing as well. You will find a wide variety of carpet tile choices at commercial carpet companies or distributors like Carlisle Flooring.

Using Carpet Tiles For NZ Office Fit-Outs

Using Carpet Tiles For Office Fit-Outs

There is a lot involved in doing an office fit-out. Some buildings lend themselves to such a construction project more than others. Today, with the popularity of lofts for apartments as well as for office space, we are seeing more and more old buildings, factories, warehouses, and even old schools being converted into lofts and offices.

Most corporate tenants desire an office environment that is unique and original; one that serves as an extension of their brand, their corporate image.

New office carpet tiles

New office carpet tiles

Generally, the building itself is purchased with the intention of leasing space to business tenants. The conversion begins with the developer, who will handle the refurbishing of the exterior and shared interior spaces such as lobby, hallways, restrooms, and interior walls not a part of any leased office space.

A lot of work is involved before arriving at the step of finding tenants who will want to do an office fit-out, i.e. finishing up their interior spaces. This would include the floors and ceilings of a tenant’s space, as well as finishing up the interior to the occupier’s specifications. Also included in this office fit-out is the distribution of any mechanical and electrical services.

While the developer is responsible for doing the building conversion, each office interior is left to the tenant to do as it chooses. Their office fit-out may be simple or elaborate, consisting of such features as tall factory windows, raised floors and suspended ceilings, crown moulding, pillars, flooring and any number of other distinct features.

The tenant may arrange for themselves to have a construction team of their choosing to do this fit-out, or they may prefer to use the team the developer used for their part of the remodel. If the latter, the tenant would still be responsible for the costs of their office fit-out.

One feature that should be given special consideration in any office fit-out is the flooring. While wood or wood-look laminate flooring is currently the trend in new homes, an office space needs to be more insulated to sound so as not to distract employees from their work.

In many situations carpet is used for the floor covering but increasingly carpet tiles for office fit-out flooring is the preferred choice in flooring. The reasons for this are many. For one thing, carpet tiles come in a wide variety of patterns and designs. They can be laid perpendicular or diagonally to each other to create an even more unique and interesting patterns and texture.

In addition to the pattern distribution, carpet tiles are a good choice because they are so much easier to install than regular carpeting. There is no need for tacking strip to be laid first to hold the carpet in place and no need for a knee-kicker to stretch it to fit. In addition, with carpet tiles there is no need for the underlying padding. Laying it is a simple process of preparing the floor, applying the glue to the back of the tile, and putting it in place.

Office fitout carpet tile

Grey carpet tile

But the greatest advantage to using carpet tiles instead of regular wall-to-wall carpeting is the ease with which a damaged area can be replaced. If there is a bad stain or a burn in a particular spot that normally would require replacement of the entire area with regular carpet, with carpet tiles all that is needed is to pop out the damaged tile and pop in a fresh new square.

Carpet tiles for office fit-outs, as well as for home offices and basement playrooms, are the best possible choice. They are not only convenient and reasonably priced, but they make for a very attractive office environment.

For information about office fit-out carpets tiles in NZ, try this site.