Using Carpet Tiles For NZ Office Fit-Outs

Using Carpet Tiles For Office Fit-Outs

There is a lot involved in doing an office fit-out. Some buildings lend themselves to such a construction project more than others. Today, with the popularity of lofts for apartments as well as for office space, we are seeing more and more old buildings, factories, warehouses, and even old schools being converted into lofts and offices.

Most corporate tenants desire an office environment that is unique and original; one that serves as an extension of their brand, their corporate image.

New office carpet tiles

New office carpet tiles

Generally, the building itself is purchased with the intention of leasing space to business tenants. The conversion begins with the developer, who will handle the refurbishing of the exterior and shared interior spaces such as lobby, hallways, restrooms, and interior walls not a part of any leased office space.

A lot of work is involved before arriving at the step of finding tenants who will want to do an office fit-out, i.e. finishing up their interior spaces. This would include the floors and ceilings of a tenant’s space, as well as finishing up the interior to the occupier’s specifications. Also included in this office fit-out is the distribution of any mechanical and electrical services.

While the developer is responsible for doing the building conversion, each office interior is left to the tenant to do as it chooses. Their office fit-out may be simple or elaborate, consisting of such features as tall factory windows, raised floors and suspended ceilings, crown moulding, pillars, flooring and any number of other distinct features.

The tenant may arrange for themselves to have a construction team of their choosing to do this fit-out, or they may prefer to use the team the developer used for their part of the remodel. If the latter, the tenant would still be responsible for the costs of their office fit-out.

One feature that should be given special consideration in any office fit-out is the flooring. While wood or wood-look laminate flooring is currently the trend in new homes, an office space needs to be more insulated to sound so as not to distract employees from their work.

In many situations carpet is used for the floor covering but increasingly carpet tiles for office fit-out flooring is the preferred choice in flooring. The reasons for this are many. For one thing, carpet tiles come in a wide variety of patterns and designs. They can be laid perpendicular or diagonally to each other to create an even more unique and interesting patterns and texture.

In addition to the pattern distribution, carpet tiles are a good choice because they are so much easier to install than regular carpeting. There is no need for tacking strip to be laid first to hold the carpet in place and no need for a knee-kicker to stretch it to fit. In addition, with carpet tiles there is no need for the underlying padding. Laying it is a simple process of preparing the floor, applying the glue to the back of the tile, and putting it in place.

Office fitout carpet tile

Grey carpet tile

But the greatest advantage to using carpet tiles instead of regular wall-to-wall carpeting is the ease with which a damaged area can be replaced. If there is a bad stain or a burn in a particular spot that normally would require replacement of the entire area with regular carpet, with carpet tiles all that is needed is to pop out the damaged tile and pop in a fresh new square.

Carpet tiles for office fit-outs, as well as for home offices and basement playrooms, are the best possible choice. They are not only convenient and reasonably priced, but they make for a very attractive office environment.

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