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Albany Gas-Fitter For Appliance Installation and Safety

You Must Hire An Albany Gas-Fitter To Install Any Appliances

Albany gas-fittersA gas-fitter? It is not a common phrase but it is certainly an important one if you have gas appliances.  Let’s see what a gas-fitter is and how an Albany gas-fitter might be able to assist you.


Gas fitters are person who install, service, and maintain appliances that are powered by natural gas. They work in residential, commercial or industrial applications. Sometimes their work might include installing the pipework that carries the gas to the appliance from the bottle outside the building.


In New Zealand licensed gas fitters are the only people who can legally gas pipes, systems and any appliances. Failing to hire a professionally-trained Albany gas-fitter, will invalidate any insurance you have for your home or commercial premises.


Dangers From Not Hiring An Albany Gas-fitter

Not having insurance cover is problematic buy by no means the most serious issue. Poor workmanship in installing gas appliances can easily cause problems with the performance of the appliance or even explosions. Consequently, it is imperative that you hire a Master Plumber and Gas-Fitter who will sure that any gas fitting is carried out safely, and meets the current standards of workmanship.

Besides fitting stoves, heaters, boilers etc correctly, gas appliance must also have sufficient ventilation, and be connected to a flue where required.  A flue enables the exhaust from the boiler or other appliance to flow away from the building so that gas fumes are not circulating inside the house or workplace.


Installation Of Gas Appliances

As mentioned above, sometimes there is more work than simply connecting an appliance. Many buildings in New Zealand do not use gas. As a result, if you decide you want to have gas heating or cooking, then the gas-fitter will also have to lay down the pipes for the gas to flow through. This will often be from outside the building into the room where the appliance is installed such as the bathroom or kitchen.


If you are having a gas fire you will also need a flue installed.


Connecting a gas bottle though does not require a qualified gas-fitter but you do need to buy gas from a company that has properly trained staff who know how to handle the gas bottles, and connect and test them.


What Else Can An Albany Gas-fitter Do?

Installing gas pipes or appliances is only one service you can get from gas fitters. It is also a good idea to have your appliances serviced every year. Not only will this keep them working efficiently, but the gas fitter can also spot any potential issues before they become dangerous. An annual service reduces the running costs and increases the safe usage of your gas fittings.


Choosing an Albany Gas-fitter Is Easy.

Using a search engine like Google for “Albany gas-fitters” is going to bring up gas-fitting companies in the Albany and North Shore areas. You might also see some directories like “finda”. Select one or two, call or email them asking for a quotation for the specific work you want done.


Also, be sure to check if they are a certified Master Plumber, to make ensure the gas fitter is qualified to do your gas-fitting work.  If you are looking for an Albany gas-fitter, Heron Plumbing is a qualified Master Plumber.