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Carpet in NZ Rest Homes

Innovative Interior Design For Rest Homes in NZ Using Carpet


Long-term care facilities are working hard to raise their image from one of dismal places where older people go to die. Today’s NZ rest-home and long-term care facilities are bright and cheery, designed to enhance the quality of life of its residents. The innovative use of carpet in NZ rest homes is a significant contribution to that brighter image.


Carpet for rest homes

Carpet for rest homes

One of the most popular designs used in today’s rest homes in NZ are new carpet designs. New, modern carpet and interior designs are using carpeting in more interesting ways. Gone is the “basement recreation room” image of industrial or rest-home carpet of the past. Today’s carpets are colourful and fun, providing a wide variety of flooring options.


Still, not all carpets work in a long-term care facility. It is best not to use a busy or wild pattern, but to stick with consistent, soothing colours in even, perhaps repeating patterns. Modern carpeting brings several benefits to aged-care and long-term care facilities:


  1. They are warmer and more welcoming. Linoleum or wood floors can seem cold and uninviting. Carpet provides a feeling of home, creating a pleasant and warm environment.
  2. They are quieter than linoleum or wood flooring. Carpet absorb the many noises of a long-term care facility, including moving carts, beeping alarms, and footsteps. Older residents may have varied sleeping patterns, so a quieter environment is important to those who may be sleeping at various times.


  1. Carpets allow for innovative designs. Many long-term care facilities have special units for residents with health or mental issues. Using carpet patterns allows a facility to design flooring options that work well in these areas. For example, in a skilled care unit for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, carpet of different colours or patterns are easily laid to help these individuals remember where they are.



  1. Carpets allow for much better traction as older residents move around a long-term care facility. It can be easy to slip and fall on a linoleum or wood floor, but with carpeting, residents feel more secure on their feet. Carpet fibres also trap any spills or other moisture which also helps reduce slips or falls.
  2. Carpets today are easier to maintain and clean. They typically require regular vacuuming and occasional cleaning to stay in good shape. They can be easily steam cleaned to remove odours or bad spills, including blood, betadine, or other stains likely to occur in a long-term care facility.   Alternatively you can install carpets that have been treated to repel odours and staining. Medituft carpet from Carlisle is one example and has treatments to combat both odour retention and to


  1. While carpets in NZ rest-homes are often considered bad for air quality, the opposite is actually true as long as they are cleaned on a regular basis. As with any fabric material, the pile will trap dirt and debris, but as long as they are cleaned and vacuumed regularly, they pose no more of a threat to air quality than linoleum or wood floors.   In fact, some carpets are treated to trap dust and dirt particles, effectively keeping them from becoming airborne. This helps to improve indoor air quality in rest-home facilities.


Using carpet provides a wealth of benefits for rest-home facility interior design. Quieter, safer, and easier to clean, carpet in NZ rest homes is an integral part of innovative long-term care facility interior design.


If you are looking for a supplier of carpets for rest-homes, Carlisle is one of the leading companies in New Zealand. They are based in Auckland but operate all over the country.