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Why Commercial Carpet Tiles Are Becoming So Popular In Offices

Why Commercial Carpet Tiles Are Becoming So Popular In Offices

Commercial carpet tile

Light red carpet tile

You need to give a lot of consideration when it comes to deciding the type of flooring that you are going to put in your office space. There are many factors to take into account for example, the image that you are trying to convey to customers as they come through your office, deadening the noise in the office, ease of care and of course, longevity.

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Whether you are hiring an interior designer or commercial carpet supplier to choose your carpeting, or maybe are doing it yourself, some attention will need to be paid to the colour and style of carpet as well as the functionality.

Many office settings will have extra high traffic leading to and from certain areas of the office including printers, the break room and the main entrance. These may need to be replaced much sooner than the rest of the office flooring. For this reason many building owners and interior designers opt for the use of carpet squares instead of complete wall-to-wall carpeting, as there are some definite advantages, let’s take a look at some of those now.

Office carpet tiles NZ

Office carpet tiles

Due to the high traffic in a normal office that includes the movement of furniture, the scooting of chairs, and the constant foot traffic, commercial office carpeting can wear out fairly quickly in certain areas. But because of the lower cost of using commercial carpet squares, the replacement of an entire office space can be done much less expensively than wall-to-wall carpeting. Not only is the installation less expensive but the purchase of the carpeting can be 30 to 40% less depending on the quality. Many building maintenance workers have the skills to replace carpet squares without bringing in wall-to-wall carpet professionals, thereby taking advantage of workers that are already on payroll instead of outsourcing to higher paid technicians.

Another incredible advantage of commercial floor tiles is the ability to replace them only in the high-traffic areas where needed. In other words, at the entrance to the break room there tends to be a definite wear pattern that starts to show after just a few years. It is entirely possible to just replace those tiles in the entrance and surrounding areas of the break room saving possibly thousands of dollars by not having to replace all the carpet or tiles in the office at once. Due to the ability to mix and match colours of carpet tiles into many different patterns it makes it difficult for the human eye to determine which tiles have been replaced and which ones have not because they all blend together by design.

One other great advantage of using carpet tiles for your office floor covering is that when you make your original purchase, you can easily buy a few extra tiles. You can use these in cases of heavily stained areas, high-traffic areas, or heavily damaged spots caused when moving furniture or equipment in a careless manner. Many these situations would require a complete and expensive replacement of a large portion of carpet. However with carpet tiles only the tiles that have been damaged would need to be replaced. A smart buyer will usually purchase extra tiles just for this purpose in advance. This again could save many thousands of dollars in replacement costs and labour for the business owner who thinks ahead.

Light blue carpet tile

Light blue carpet tile

Finally, if all of those great advantages weren’t enough, carpet tiles tend to be much easier to maintain, clean and vacuum than regular wall-to-wall carpeting due to their high quality construction and more durable materials. They are literally designed to take lots of traffic, daily cleaning and vacuuming plus resist stains better than any other type of commercial grade floor covering.

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Benefits of Commercial Carpet Tiles

Commercial carpet tiles play an important role in the overall look and feel in office and commercial flooring. Often known as modular carpet, it is not only a cost effective solution, but also much more practical, when it comes to commercial flooring. This is the reason why so many interior designers pay attention to the office flooring when planning the overall d├ęcor of an office, boardroom or reception area. These carpet tiles offer many benefits. Let us take a look at a few of the benefits of using these tiles:

Blue carpet tilesMassive Variety of Design & Style

There are unimaginable varieties available in design, style, colour, patterns and colour combinations of commercial carpet tiles. In the not too distant past, the range was very limited but nowadays you can let your imagination run riot. You can choose a style most suitable to the nature, overall look and feel of your commercial outlet or business.

You can go for any one of these popular categories of tiles to boost the aesthetic appeal of your commercial space whether it is retail, office, medical or just about any other application. In terms of flexibility, it is easy to fit these tiles in a large open plan office as there is a wide range of sizes available in the market to suit all needs and offices.

However, if you have larger commercial space, you could select larger tiles as it will not only save time but it will look less fragmented. If it is a smaller floor space, smaller tiles will be more beneficial for you.


These tiles have also progressed a lot in terms of comfort. Older types of carpet tile were thin and hard on the feet. They felt cheap and were not very appealing. But again the newer types are much more easier to stand on or walk on for extended periods of time. This of course helps in creating a comfortable working space for your employees. This comfortable working space encourages employees to freely work and move around that further turn in productivity and performance enhancements.

Good Slip Resistance with Carpet Tiles

Another major benefit but one which is often overlloked is the high slip resistance they have. With increasing Health and Safety regulations and the rise in employer responsibility for the safety of staff and of course visitors, it is incumbent on companies to help reduce the risk of slips, falls and trips. Therefore, commercial carpet tiles can be used in slippery areas like staircases and assist in preventing injuries to the office employees.Boardroom carpet tiles

Carpet Tiles – Easier to Maintain and Longer Life

Maintaining modular tiles is easy too. There is no need to bother about tea or coffee marks, toner ink or other stains. All of these can relatively easily be cleaned as the carpet tile material is robust and often has stain resistance treatment too. The other advantages that come under this maintenance benefit include:

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Replace

For example, with installation there are numerous variants such as self-adhesive, interlocking tiles, and dry-backed. Each of these has its merits for different situations. To illustrate, if the floor is likely to get heavily marked then dry back tiles will be easy to replace if necessary.

You can easily clean these tiles by simply removing, washing and placing the particular stained tile back to its original position. On the other hand, you can also easily replace the stained tile with the new one which is spotless and clean. So, it is easy to replace one tile not the all tiles use in whole commercial space.

Lower Noise Levels

Commercial carpet tiles work as an outstanding sound insulators. These tiles can be placed in those areas where there is the high noise level or high traffic. This can create a peaceful, more comfortable and productive working environment for your staff.

More Professional Look

Companies want to give the best impression to their employees, visitors and customers. Older style commercial carpet tiles were drab, thin and looked low quality. But nowadays by using these tiles, you can give a more professional look to your commercial operations, whether it is a shop, office, health spa, restaurant or any other area.

Availability and Price

Availability and affordability are the other main benefits of using carpet tiles. These tiles are very popular, widely available and many have low-cost options. However, not all carpet outlets sell the same high grade commercial carpet tiles. For tiles that will give a long life, look good and be able to withstand the extreme treatment that come from commercial situations, you are advised to look for specialist commercial carpet suppliers.

The best commercial carpet outlets also have fitters because, even though carpet tiles are easy to install, it does take some experience to make sure they are properly set so ta they look good and will last longer.

So if you are planning on revamping the appearance of your business, then carpet tiles would be a sensible starting point. For NZ businesses, Carlisle Commercial Carpets are one of the leading industrial flooring wholesalers in the country. They have provided carpet tiles for all sorts of commercial applications including health centres, retail outlets, hospitality, offices and many more.

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