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Commercial Water Filters – The Importance Of Regular Maintenance And Replacement

Water is very important in our life, we cannot live without it. We need water for our health, cleanliness, and many other activities. For this reason, the quality of water should be checked and maintained through proper filtration equipment. Commercial organisations that rely on water, especially those in the hospitality, healthcare, and public-oriented businesses should really install good quality commercial water filters. In addition, they should ensure that they work efficiently for longer by carrying out regular maintenance, and even replacement of commercial water filters.

A commercial water filter is quite similar to a regular domestic water filter, except for the extra capacity of the business filtration systems. The capacity of the system must be sufficient to produce the amount of filtered water that is required by that particular enterprise, and that should have been assessed prior to the installation of the filtration system. A good filter should be reasonably priced as well as being easy to maintain.

Commercial institutions and operators are strongly advised to ensure the filters are operating reliably, and this can be achieved by regularly checking that they are not blocked by debris and particles. After all, the business will want their filters to be used for extensive periods without breaking down, or decreasing in efficiency since this will lead to increased operating costs. Breakdowns could lead to loss of productivity, or even health related problems.

Commercial water filter replacementOne of the common reasons to install a commercial water filtration system is that clean water can help extend the life expectancy of equipment and machines that use water. This can be achieved by preventing the build-up of scale, therefore reducing downtime, and maintenance costs. Do not forget that most of these systems have a reliable filter, with ways to clear the filter. It could either be through backwash, or other means. Regular filter cleaning will keep it working more efficiently.

When a filter is not changed and scale is allowed to build-up, the formation of algae may occur, which will make the water unsafe for use, or for human consumption. Other forms of build-up can be in the form of corrosion, which leads to equipment damage. It is possible to install timers in the water filter systems that will automatically flush the filters, or have the systems to monitor differential pressure, which indicate the need flushing, cleaning, or replacement.

It is recommended for businesses that use commercial water filters to have scheduled filter cleaning or replacement services. This will ensure longevity of the main equipment as well as the filtering system. Regular changes of filters coupled with filter maintenance and servicing will ensure clean water is being fed and flowing freely, which will prevent pipes and other components from getting blocked as well.

Remember, commercial filter systems have been designed to handles large quantities of water. The capacity can be as high as a million gallons per day. A good water filter system should have the ability to remove chlorine, chemicals, and any other contaminant in the water.

Filter systems can have cartridges, or beds of filtering materials that require regular flushes. For larger filtration systems, the cartridges can be placed at regular intervals throughout the whole operating system to ensure the capacity of filtration is not impeded. In other words, the more filters you have of, the more clean and efficient the system is likely to be. This means that productivity will be maintained, and operating costs will be lower.

Commercial water filtersBusiness owners are advised to monitor the quality of water regularly to ensure the system is working efficiently, and in healthcare, or hospitality operations, that the water remains pure so as not to cause illness or harm to patients or customers. In other words, it is wise to regularly service, maintain, and replace water filters to maintain the required levels of both water quality, and quantity.

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