Auckland Rug Cleaning Companies

Why Auckland Rug Cleaning Companies Are Better Than DIY

Cleaning your rugs is something that everyone needs to do at some point.  There are 2 options available for this and they are to hire a professional rug cleaning company or clean the rug yourself.  While many people assume that cleaning their rugs themselves will be better, there are a number of reasons why hiring one of the Auckland rug cleaning companies is better.

Saving Time

Auckland rug cleaning companiesMany people assume that cleaning their rugs themselves will save them time, but this is not actually true.  You will have to hire a DIY rug cleaner and learn how to use it.  This will take time and you might have to go over your rugs a number of times.  This is something that you will not have to worry about with professional rug cleaning companies.

Any of the professional Auckland rug cleaning companies will know how to use their machinery.  This means that they will be able to clean and sanitize your rugs much faster than you will be able to.

Saving Effort

A lot of people assume that you can simply hire a rug cleaning machine like Rug Doctor and get started.  This is not actually true because you will need to find a store that rents out these machines and then find the right cleanser.  The type of rug that you have will impact the cleaning products that you need to use.  If you use the incorrect cleaner on your rugs you could damage them and this could result in you needing to replace them.

When you hire a rug cleaning service, they will know which cleaner to use for your rug.  They will also be able to determine the fibre count of your rugs and which machine settings are needed.  Rug cleaning companies will generally have insurance that covers your expenses if they cause damage to your rugs while they are cleaning them.

You Will Save Money By Using One Of The Auckland Rug Cleaning Companies

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Rework of other rug cleaning company’s poor job

The primary reason why people look at cleaning their rugs on their own is the costs.  These people assume that professional rug cleaning companies will cost more than hiring a rug cleaner.  This is not actually always the case and you need to consider this.  As the rug cleaning market is competitive, you should be able to find a cleaner which is within your budget.

Of course, you need to be careful when looking to save money with a rug cleaning company.  The cheapest companies will not always be the right one because they are cheap for a reason.  For example, one company, Go Green Carpet Cleaning, had to be called in to re-do the work of another rug cleaner who had done a poor job. The picture to the right shows the difference in quality.

Most rug cleaning companies will charge per room and you should get quotes from a number of companies before you make any decisions.  Once you have the estimates you will see that many of the companies will be cheaper than trying to clean the rugs yourself.

There are many reasons why rug cleaning companies are better than trying to clean your rugs yourself.  A professional company will know how to use their machinery and what cleaners they should be using.  They will also have the insurance to cover any damage done to your rugs.